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How Bed & Breakfast Owners Use Collecting to Decorate

November 21st, 2011 by Betty Ross

 The Inns & Outs of Collecting
How Bed & Breakfast Owners Use Collections to Decorate
by Sherry White

Located in Tucson, Arizona on four acres, the Desert Dove is nestled in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains near Saguaro National Park East. You will feel right at home in this natural sun-baked adobe bed and breakfast. Its great porches, polished colored concrete floors and open trusses in the great room along with the antiques and collectibles, gives this bed and breakfast its unique ambiance. A wood-burning antique cookstove in the delightful country kitchen invites guests to a scrumptious homemade breakfast. Awake to the sounds of the desert birds and wildlife.  The Desert Dove offers beautiful scenic mountain views, hiking, biking trails, horseback riding and bird watching all nearby.
Desert Dove has two spacious guest-rooms with a private entrance and private bathrooms. Both rooms are beautifully decorated with antiques and collectibles. The Ross’s have been collecting for thirty plus years. Their collection consists of antique toys, doll, hats, quilts, granite ware, and pottery. They love their collections and wanted to share them with others. It has been a dream of Harvey and Betty to open a bed and breakfast. When they found acreage near the Saguaro National Park East, they decided it was the place to build. Their son is an architect and designed the bed and breakfast for the couple, and they did the general contracting themselves. It was quite a learning experience for the Ross’s, but their dream has come true.
The Watt Pottery they use in the decorating was owned and operated by the Watt family. In July 1922, the Watt Pottery was incorporated in Crooksville, Ohio. Through the 1902’s and early 1930’a the Watt Pottery manufactured stoneware crocks, butter churns, preserve jars and jugs. The Watt Pottery dropped its stoneware line in 1935. They chose instead to produce a more modern ovenware made of lightweight clay. This gave the kitchenware the necessary resilience to go from the icebox to the oven. In 1949 the Watt Pottery began hand decorating its wares with simple patterns found in nature using as few brush strokes as possible to allow low production costs. The hand-decorated patterns most sought after by today’s collectors are Starflower, Apple, Cherry, Silhouette ,Rooster, Dutch Tulip, American Red Bud, (Tear Drop),
Morning Glory, Autumn Foliage, Double Apple and Tulip. The company remained in business until a fire halted production in 1965.
Photo’s of just a few examples of displaying their Wall Pottery